Welcome to my House! Enter freely and of your own will. Enter. Come freely, go safely, and leave something of the happiness you bring! House Dracul welcomes you to our happy home. 

Our goal at House Dracul is to create an organization of Vampires, whom we refer to as Midians, and human collaborators that is unrivaled in operational power, unexceeded in our cultural solidarity, and destined to bring about an age of knowledge, order, and the expansion of the Draculim into the darkness of the cosmos, transforming our position from beings on a solid, stable Earth into ghastly, eldritch abominations prowling the gloom of the Night Eternal.

To achieve the final phase of our Grand Plan, we have claimed a sizeable chunk of Colorado, named the Dracula Halo. Our practices center around our bond with our territory, and achieving the highest possible levels of personal excellence. Where other occult traditions have paid much attention to evocation, astrology, and wishful thinking, we have extracted the science of magic from innumberable experiments and decades of meticulous research, focusing on gathering authentic power- indeed, positively drenching ourselves in it. Practicing this Daemonic, Vampiric Sorcery transforms the human into a Midian- our name for a being which can operate comfortably in both the physical and etheric realm. The Midians who carry the Blood of the Dragon, of which Dracul is the Prime Carrier, are known as the Clan of Dracul, or the Draculim. We are a family, bound by genes, memes, and Blood, with a capital B; it's the material which gives Form  to the soul itself.

We understand magic to be far more than lighting some candles and wishing for the best. Far more than supplicating some external force to give you what you can't take for yourself. Magic, when practiced correctly, inevitably brings about improvements in tangible aspects of your life as well- your will to succeed, your finances, your ability to communicate well with others, your ability to survive and thrive in life-or-death situations, and physical health, perhaps even to include corporeal immortality. If your life isn't everything you want it to be, practicing Draculim Magic and techniques can immediately start getting you closer to your dreams for the future.

I understand that this digital representation of House Dracul is almost as sprawling and confusing as its physical counterpart, so please, take a moment to heed me as I walk you through each area of the house.

We're currently in the Great Hall, the route one normally takes to enter into House Dracul. From here, most of the other main areas of the house can be accessed through the navigation bar on the top left, which will be your guide and anchor as you explore House Dracul.

In the Black Wing Studio, you'll find the work put out by Draculim artists- our culture. You'll find atmospheric music for rituals, contemplations, and magical social occasions, and poetry expressing life as a Draculim, and telling the story of some of us who have come to be in this House.

Should you be more inclined to start digging in to the practical work of the Dark Metamorphosis, the Scholomance has everything you need to get started. There are free beginner's lessons on video, and a rich selection of coursebooks that will, I don't doubt, prove invaluable to your own transmutation into a powerful, capable individual.

Of course, not everyone has what it takes to put in years of study and practice to become a Midian themselves. Despite this, these sorts of people may still take an interest in magical solutions to what's ailing them. For these clients, we have reconstructed The Chamber of Infinite Power. Here, you can consult directly with Dracul to use the technology of Magic to overcome what currently has you stuck in life, acquire detailed, complete spell kits that you can use yourself to reliably jump life's hurdles, or even hire the Draculim to work spells and rituals on your behalf, allowing you the freedom to pursue your goals with our organization's support.

Should it be your wish to join House Dracul yourself, I would direct those of you living in the Dracula Halo to the throne room and those outside the Dracula Halo and unwilling or unable to move to take the exam.

Should there be any questions you have, or requests for additions to this great and glorious House, Ascend to the Throne Room, where you'll be able to contact the leaders of House Dracul